The assignment project aims at designing and development of the upgrade procedures and methodology as per requirement

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Project Charter 

Title of the project: Email upgrade project for the office of Network Support (ONS) in the Ohio Department of Human Services

The Office of Network Support abbreviated as ONS in the Ohio department of Human Resources is currently using the version 7.0 of the Global upgrade email program to manage the software as well as the network requirements for the entire team of employees in the counties of Ohio. Upon consideration of the version 9.0 of the Globalupgrades software the organization realized that it had essential features crucial for the user base of the Ohiodepartment of human services. As a result, the organization aims at upgrading from the version 7.0 to version 9.0 since the former will be non-existent in 12 months period. Besides, the resolution to shift from version 7.0 to 9.0 is informed by higher incentives in addition to the better features. The migration will cost the organization 20 percent more in terms of cost which will later reduce after receiving the associated subsides. 

Statementof Work:the project aims at designing and development of the upgrade procedures and methodology. 

Project Methodology 

As per the requirements of the stakeholders, the project objectifies to develop an email application upgrade paradigm. The development should allow the network’s devices and users to utilize the new features. It is expected that the end result will have a high bandwidth as well as reputable quality. The project phase out will start with a pilot scheme before an entire upgrade is achieved. 

The email upgrade faces inherent setbacks of resource as well as budget constraints. The successful completion of the project will require the following resources:

The software engineer from the Office of Network Support with the required know how of implementation and administration of email systems. Specifically, the assigned personnel for this position isDiana Prince. 

The project team as well as the group community from the Ohio Department of Human Resources. 

Project Team

The project manager will be Mark Lewis who will have the responsibility of adding resources and matching them with every activity of the project. Besides, Mark Lewis will have the authority of appointing team members and ascending to a maximum of $15,000 only. 

The specific stakeholders of the project are as listed below:

Peter Parker: Director of Office of Network Support and project sponsor.

Diana Prince: ONS Software Engineer with specific experience in implementing and administering various e-mail systems.

Steve Rogers: Globalcom’s sales representative and chief point of contact for the State.

Linda Lee Danvers: a support specialist within the ODHS, selected as the liaison between the ODHS User Group community and the project team.

ODHS User Group: a number of ODHS employees that are used to test system upgrades before implementation. 

Baseline Schedule

The end result is a working prototype that best describes the module. The deliverables for this project include an implementationplan as well as a framework for developing a production environment.The project is expected to be completed by March 2020 and would attract an approximate cost of $30,000 for the email upgrade across the globe. 

Project Approval

The undersigned below appends his/her approval and review consent of the Email upgrade project for the office of Network Support (ONS) in the Ohio Department of Human Services. Besides, the undersigned authorises the funding of the upgrade project. Alterations to this email upgrade charter necessitate the coordination and approval by the undersigned. On his/her absence, the latter activity will be accomplished by a designated representative. 

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