Assignment briefs about health-related laws for its implementations , significance , steps and application procedures.

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In this assignment, health-related laws or policies implementations, their steps and application procedures along with its significances are discussed briefly. All of the points are discussed below.

Specialized knowledge of public health law /policy and relevance to public health practice

Establishment and implementations of public health policy are highly crucial for public health promotion along with its significances in the voidances of public health hazards. I think federal health-related laws or policies implementation will provide a new array to create a health consciousness priory. It affects public health through two pathways which are offering a new platform of general health maintenance. Secondly, through these public health related policy implementations, local bodies will get the scope to remove epidemic diseases, and other public health-related hazards from society (Siddiqui et al., 2017). 

Specialized knowledge in health law or policy helps in the promotion of lifestyle pattern and healthy living systems also. It is highly observed in North America and Australia that public health policy implementation helps needs medical improvement, clinical infrastructure and it has a significant role in removal f epidemiology of diseases. Public health policy is activated in a place or society through its two types which are routine policy implementations and paradigmatic policy implementations. As per my knowledge, a paradigmatic way based health policy implementation needs an explicit co-operation from governmental health organizations, local medical organizations along with medical practitioners (Ssenyonjo, 2017). On the other hand, these paradigmatic health policy implementations help in providing a new way of thinking to the social people which allows them to awake their awareness against diseases. Indirectly, this health policy will enable people to improvise their lifestyle patterns and others to remove conditions. The standard or routine based system indicates the maintenance of past medical procedures along with a slight change to make them time oriented and utilizable for social peoples. Implementation of new health policies needs proper formulation of policies, its conversion towards action along with appropriate monitoring of its effects on human health and family provide a review which may inspire others.

 Evaluate the applicability of public health law to practice

Applicability of public health laws to practice needs a clear pathway of its implementations also. Implementations of public health occurred through organizations of different levels which are legislative authorities based implementations along with other law implementations by market or monitory organization based, organization based and nodal-based. All of these organizations have the different pathway to make the successful implementation of policies. During the evaluation of the applicability of public health laws to practice I have observed that the entire procedure is composed of two steps. Here, legislation and planning are two different parts. Legislation manifestation and implementations are completed according to administrative rules, law, and conditions. Here, licenses of medical organizations, certifications, accreditations, and standards of medical organizations are highly crucial. On the other hand, planning is developed through hospital-based relocations, service or medical program planning, according to the planning ratio. There are enormous, such preparation of policies also such as Slip! Slop! Slap program, SunSmart programs, and many others in 1981 (Weine et al., 2017). These programmings were done to provide sunscreen and sunburn protective wearing providing. This health policy implementations had the aim to protect school going children from sunburns, UV-ray oriented genetic diseases and many others. During the application of these policies social marketing was completed by screening procedures to identify the essential natures of skin cancer identifications where sponsorships from large sport wear companies provided a significant milestone. In this concept, enormous sunscreen lotions, and dresses were distributed among school going children as a part of implementation and applications of health policies (Brownson et al., 2017). To enhance the applications of these health policies, it is crucial to utilize the instruments like motor vehicle safety, injury prevention related activities and many others. To implement this injury prevention act, community educations, campaigning has taken a significant role. 

Future practice to meet competency standards:

Safety designing of all the water heaters and other household instruments help peoples not only through preventing from accidental injuries but also all of these steps of health policy implementation provides them a better lifestyle also. It includes the safety of people from HIV, Tobacco inhalation and many other bad habits too. In this aspect, improvements of technical, structural, financial, and supportive capabilities are highly crucial through getting success.  I have observed it in my nursing professional life from various angles that, competency meeting is one of our great responsibility towards our patients. In this aspect, nurses have a great role in evolving continuously to make adjustment in the dynamic field of nursing where rules, regulations, laws are always changing. In Australia and U.K according to the competency related latest health rules now stated that nurses have to reflect advance laws, mechanisms and procedures to their patients along with maintenance of patients philosophical values.  


It can be concluded from the above discussion that, public health law and implementation are a significant thing to provide a health consciousness among peoples. On the other hand, these implementations of health-related laws and policies help society to remove health hazards or epidemiologic diseases also. It is highly crucial for socio-economic growth and development of the nation.

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