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The advancement of the technology helps in improving the culture with the accountability that ensures the accountability and feedback. There are different capabilities which aims to hold the managers who are responsible for viewing the technologies and then implementing them to solve the right processes at the right time.

Ways in which continuous feedback encourages and assists employees.

The continuous feedback is important for the employees to improve and formulate the decisions which are based on improving and increasing the performance. The development of the cultural growth with the formal training and the coaching helps in making better reviews of the performance with giving feedback to not only making the conversations as effective but also encouraging to make the right actions at the right time. This will help in improving the productivity with improving the work quality and productivity. The companies have been improving the system of feedback so that the interactions could be increased, and the employees could discuss the problems every now and then. The engagement of the employee with the conductivity will be fast and it brings strong relationships and retention of employees as the problems are discussed with the employees every now and then. The performance feedback with regular interactions require to focus on the employees and manager with fostering camaraderie with improving the working culture growth as well. The lower productivity of the employee with the higher effect of the turnover directly impacts the company bottom lines with the larger impact on performance feedback. The establishing of the improvement with the different proponents of the feedback apps is mainly for the growth and development opportunities which is considered to be the major step for the continuous performance (Cascio, 2014). The use of the top down approach helps in improving the leadership to appropriate continuous feedback process. Here, it is important for the leaders to model the behavior where the paradigm is based on improving the participation in the optional feedback approach. 

Ways in which feedback helps with performance appraisal process

With the performance appraisals, there is a possibility of making an effective communication with improvement and promotions as the employees are more indulged in achieving the goals of the team (Mone et al., 2018). The implementation of the project also helps in the promotions and the terminations where the managers need to make sure that the employees are clear about the goals and the approach for the task. There are rate, rankings or the limit for the employee performance which is seen to be minimized. 

The regular feedback could also lead to the stress which is a major problem for the reviewing rather than the encouragement of the development. Here, there are employees who are having problems with the security at job and the financial situations, rather than looking at the information. The feedback process requires to focus on linking more for learning and development with receiving positive feedbacks which is a relief and so the constructive feedback induces fear as well. When the decisions are made for the compensation, then there is a higher possibility for the biasing that might occur and so there is a need to focus on the 360-degree assessments which leads to the limitations of possibilities for the bringing of multiple perspectives (Baron et al., 2018). The information also allows the HR to compare and then address the different workplace standards. The engaging of the employees in the discussion is when the performance is important to be considered. The improvement is through the normalized performance discussion where the effective performance is only about focusing on reinforcing and the development for the employees. 

Human resources development programs.

The HRM programs are effective for implementing and increasing goodwill which tends to attract and then retain the employees in a positive manner. The feedback is determined through the classification of the self-evidence factors where the employees are involved in working over the self-evidence factors. They are relevant to improve the feedback with designing through the different measurement system (Fitzgerald et al., 2017). The work processes are mainly for receiving the automatic feedback with open communication and awareness. The forms are related to work on the understanding the different procedures and then explaining about the processes with outcomes. The fair procedures and communication can be effective for the outcomes that gives the employees a view to express the views and then plan about the changes with performance as per the need. The assurance is about the consistent standards which includes how the job is relevant with the behavioral forms and the evaluations. The coaching requires to shape the performance and then focusing on meeting the expectations. The best performance is determined through creating a link and then developing an employee prioritizing the duties. The benefits are for the company and the employees with increased satisfaction of job to see the higher productivity. As per the recent study, there are employees who are working on the proper management with prevalent and consistent factor so that it is possible to meet the management requirements as per the need. The main focus should be on the management personnel and then ensuring about the forms with goals of the team, with consistently meeting the spending of the employees. It requires to work on improving the basis of the employees and then understanding how the team members could be involved in the systemization of the process with the proper engagement of the employees. 


The observation is based on noticing the quality of work with communication and clarifying the misunderstandings if there are any. The coaching’s help in providing the employees with the meetings which are related to improve the system functioning and the changes in the business climate (Li et al., 2015). The performance appraisals help the people and the employees to identify the different strength and then work on the improvement of the goals to work towards the development of the skills and strength.

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