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Human Resource Management of Walmart


Walmart is one of the renowned business organizations of the world. Te organization is known as the milestone setter in the retail industry. This American retail organization has put a strong impact worldwide. Walmart has started its journey in 1962 (walmart.com. 2018). It offers large number of products to the consumers that are highly required in daily life, such as- food products, house hold products, CD’s and DVD’s  and so on. One of the key secret of Wal-Mart’s Success is its large base of employees. The organization has 11,718 stores worldwide, where 2.3 million employees are appointed to serve the organization (Bolman and Deal 2017). Hence, in this scenario the role of human resource department within the organization can be observed, as it is not easy to manage such large employee base. 

The following article has concentrated on the human resource management department of Walmart and its functions as well as impact on other departments and the success of the organization. 

Visibility of Human Resource Department’s Role:

Walmart has secured the leading position in the retail industry and the authority of the organization always considers the role of the HR department of the organization in the success of the organization. According to the CEO of the organization, HR department of the organization gives tireless effort to hire right people at the right position, which helps the organization to perform appropriately (Collings, Wood and Szamosi 2018). According to the authority, HR department of the organization brings stability in the organizational performance. It has been evident that Walmart is successful enough to retain the long term and skilled employees for long time for the betterment of the organization. Hence, the role of HR department is visible in the organizational activities. Walmart not only hire new employees from the campuses, it trains the existing employees as well to develop their skills and knowledge. At the same time, Walmart transfer and promote its employees frequently according to their capabilities, which motivate employees. Hence, HR department plays major part in this scenario. Walmart believes in team work. Being a retail organization, it is not possible for an individual employee to bring difference in organization. The operation of Walmart is highly dependent on teamwork. According to Sam Walton HR department motivates the employees to stay together to achieve the organizational goal, which can be evident in the organizational success (Bolman and Deal 2017). 

Impact of Human Resource Department on Other Departments:

HR department has a strong impact on other departments. The primary role of HR department is to play the role of representative of the employees in front of the employers, as well as to convey the message of the employers to the employees. HR managers ensure a healthy flow of information within the organization and its various departments (Snell, Morris and Bohlander 2015). In case of Walmart, there are various departments that works together to manage the core business of the organization. It is not possible for the central authority of the organization to interact with individual department of the organization without the help of human resource management department. In this scenario, HR managers of Walmart interact with the team leaders and managers of various teams frequently and share relevant information with them (Boone 2018). At the same time, they listen to the issues of departments and individual team member. It maintains clarity within various departments. On the other hand, HR managers present the opinion and feedback of the employees of different departments to the employers and ask them to take relevant actions. It maintains a strong and healthy relation between the departments and employers, which acts as a major strength for the organization. It motivates every team members to participate actively in the organizational process and stand by the side of the organization for long period of time (Freeman 2014). Eventually, the organization becomes able to achieve its primary organizational goal. Hence, by analyzing the secret of success of Walmart, the impact of HR department on other departments can be witnessed. 

Impact of Human Resource Department on Organizational Success:

As discussed earlier, the key secret of success of Walmart is highly dependent on the role of HR department of the organization. It is known Walmart has approximately 2.3 million employees worldwide (Kullberg and Braekkan 2018). Without strategic human resource management, it will not be possible for the organizational authority to connect the each employee with the goal of the organization. The HR department of the organization shows the existing employees and emerging employees that working with Walmart means a bright future and well-established career, which helps the organization to hire the best candidate from the industry at the right places. Thus, skilled and experienced employees of the organization contribute their knowledge to support the organizational success (Boone 2018). On the other hand, experienced HR managers always pay attention to the demand and expectations of the employees from the organization, which helps them to meet their requirement level. It can be evident in the HR policies of the organization that show that employees are the primary asset of the organization, employees will be offered monetary help at the right time, organization always stand by the side of hard working employees and so on (Freeman 2014). As it operates globally, the HR managers pay attention to this aspect while designing the HR strategies. They always convey the message to the local and global employees that all the employees of Walmart is equal (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow 2016). Eventually, it helps the organization to retain hard working employees for long time and use them as the weapon for the growth of the organization. This acts as a competitive advantage of the organization to beat the rival companies and secure the leading position in the industry. 


As per the previous discussion, it can be concluded that Walmart authority considers HR department as an integral and key part of the organization. The strategic human resource management helps the organization to maintain its competitive advantage against the other existing competitors of the industry and achieve the desired success from the activities. 

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