Assignment is about comparing and contrasting of servant leadership & transformation leadership including their analysis



The leader’s main aim is to identify the changes needed along with the team. The leaders aim to achieve commitments, goals, enthusiasm and co-operation. The leader’s intellectual stimulation is mainly on rationality and problem solving in this form of leadership. Empowerment, communicating and mentoring are the strengths of this type of leadership.


The main objective of the leader is to serve people. Leader’s primary characteristic over here is to focus on stewardship and communication among employee. Persuasion and Pioneering is the ideal stimulation process in this leadership. Strengths include Appreciation of others, teaching and maintaining a cordial relationship with employees.    


Servant and Transformational leadership are important for thriving in an organization. Thereby a detailed analysis is provided based on an in depth analysis of the above stated table. In Servant leadership the leader’s main objective is to serve while in transformational the leader focuses on recognizing the needs to empower the strengths of its employees. Leaders in servant leadership centers their attention on communicating and cooperating whereas in transformational focus is given on to achieve a goal and commitment in a specified amount of time (van Dierendonck and Stam, 2014). The primary characteristic used in servant leadership is that of encouraging work of employees through appreciation and rewards while in the later focuses on empowering new employees to strengthen the work environment and thereby communicating and mentoring each employee to attain a sustained area of expertise within a minor span (Ferrari and Vaclavik, 2016). In both the leadership, the focus is provided on in attaining the maximum level of employment through empowering new employees to maximize the working capability to increase the profit as a whole. Due to the specified strengths of theleaderships, the organization or the company that incorporates this type leadership schemes gains in a long run (Hoch et al. 2018).

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