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The quotation mentioned by William Shatner, the actor who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek is an outstanding step for declaring himself as Canadian rather than an American. He described himself as a proud Canadian who left his home town Montreal to start his career in California. In the present scenario, William Shatner is depicted as a Canadian actor who was residing in America to peruse his film career in numerous series. His movies includes the Brother Karamazov, two year Broadway run of the Secret Life of Suzie Wong. A shot in the Dark, the intruder, and I hate your guts and shame (Barrett, & Barrett, 2016). However, he is best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek. He joined the series as its second pilot, after the rejection of its first pilot. Unfortunately, during the three years of running Star Trek series Shatner marriage life got disrupted and he also lost his father. In the given quotation by Shatner, he intends to break his fan image and wants to show his real face to the world. He is not a Starfleet commander neither the T.J. Hooker. He clarifies of nor owing a phaser and neither residing on the Starship NCC-170. He makes it clear to his fan club that presently he is residing in California for work purpose, but he was born and brought up in Montreal. He describes himself as a Canadian instead of American (Giolitti, Wein, & Roddenberry, 2017). 


California has been described as the state of mind instead of being called a place. However, California is raised its part of spreading such myths and the legends, which helped in attracting immigrants from other regions. According to Ndichu et al (Ndichu & Upadhyaya, 2018), he believed that after reaching the Southern California he had to sit under the orange tree and had to wait for the ripe fruit (orange) to fall into his lap. His wishful dream could not match his expectation because of the ‘no trespassing’ sign posted around the orange groves. This is the extent of myth of California which has been spreader to other countries. In the sixteenth century, Garci Ordonez de Montalvo launched the California myth making in his publication named ‘Adventures of Esplandian’. The book contains a fictional and romantic account of the California ‘island’, which is said to be near to the Garden of Eden location. However, some of the explorers of Spain who sailed along the coast of Pacific were quite aware of this book during the early 1533. Similarly, Fortun Jimenez also introduced a newly found land mass near the Sea of Cortes, California which was then geographically named as the Lower California (Frantz, & Julian Ernest, 2016).

During all these year, Shatner always mentioned himself as a Canadian instead of being called as an American. One such instance is when the ‘Silly movie Free Enterprise’ members referred him as the greatest American actor, which he then corrected by saying ‘I am Candian.’ After working for so many year in America, Shatner still has a soft corner for his native country Canada and wants to do some projects there also (Verstraeten & Verstraeten, 2018).  

Mass media plays a crucial part in the culture and society of America. Until the period 1950s, the Americans are fully dependent on print media as well as radio. However, after 1950s television was introduced and by 1960s there are approximately 90 percent of American owing their own television. This mass media acts as a bridge between the fan club and the film stars. In California, fan activity is a distinctive form of social activity which mostly include the women population. However, it is also to be noted that the relationship between mass media and the fan club is quite complex. According to a report, it is the result of a fan write-in campaign which saved the movie ‘Star Trek’ from being cancelled in its first season or series (Graber, & Dunaway, 2017). The production house of Start trek ‘Paramount’ has formed the franchise after this issue, and also owes a huge amount for its fan community. However, there is also chance of aggressive criticism from the fans to their stars, genre, or text which can further lead to resist any kind of change made by producer. Another case of star trek, the importance of mass media is highly relevant in one of its scene. In this episodic scene of Star Trek, Captain Kirk has been literally disconnected from technology in two forms: good and evil halves. In most of the scene, Kirk is dependent on his dark side rather than of his good side. The mass media portrayed him as an ineffective, weak, and inefficient decision maker (Verstraeten & Verstraeten, 2018).   

In particular, the intention of this code is beam into lives of fans. Houston which motivates William Shatner to go around the world, meet and greet, as well as make effort to comprehend the meaning of this science fiction series which inspired people to a great extent. In conjunction to the immigrants, Star Trek offer a message of multiculturalism (Frantz, & Julian Ernest, 2016). The quotation from Star Treak episode, involves a situation where individuals in a crew are kept in slave-like condition, which does not respect the individual culture, however, is acceptable according to the culture of alien species (Gerrold, 2014). For example, this situation it motivates that despite of the universal rights and individual culture or circumstances, it is important to obey the regulations which are acceptable according to the current state (Verstraeten & Verstraeten, 2018). In simpler words, this complement to the ideology of classical liberalism and multiculturalism for the immigrants to California. The concept of classical liberalism Argue that people should be treated equally, irrespective of the group difference and individual characteristics. On the other hand, multiculturalism suggest that the group difference must be taken into account for determining a common law that should affect all the people in varying situations. However, according to Korobkova & Black (2014), it should be noted that in the current situation of United States, the political culture motivates embrace the multiculturalism as an abstract in California, is but is this feeling towards the endorsement of this cultural context, when it is a matter of fact related to the “real world” situation (Giolitti, Wein, & Roddenberry, 2017).


In addition to this, there are several themes related to the humanity or social customs, which are embedded in the quote. One of the major contribution is related to giving respectable job opportunities to women. This example is linking with the casting of Nichelle Nichols, a black actress, as a communication officer (Ndichu & Upadhyaya, 2018). In the previous the black actresses were giving only cost as servants or non-worthy opportunities on television. As a result of this, there appears another culture, motivated by the given as well as other similar quotations from the Star Trek episodes, which is reflective and progressive in the present day. These themes can be effectively correlated with the statements like, “And when someone says to me ''Live long and prosper'', I seriously mean it when I say, ''Get a life'' (Gerrold, 2014).

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