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Management of an international water bottling business in Indonesia


Research has shown that millions of people lack access to clean and safe drinking water in Indonesia. In the major cities in that country, water is highly contaminated as a result of surface water sources, increased population and increased salinity due to the rise in water levels. It has posed as a perfect opportunity for the water bottling company based in Australia to expand its operations to inside the country. We took a feasibility study on the market situation along with the organization requirements to set up operations in that country. We were able to divide roles and modulate strategies for efficiency in operations.

Role allocation amongst the managers

Product manager.

He or she the person in charge of guiding the success of the product by designing and sale procedures. The first role is to research the market for the product styles, sizes, and prices. The manager should do an in-depth and well-detailed feasibility study to know which method and price divisions meet the needs of the customers based in the Indonesia country. (Kerzner, H. and Kerzner, H.R., 2017. p 0) The product manager should also design the product range and pricing. He or she should come up with competitive prices to merge with the customer’s purchasing power. The manager should also learn about the existent packaging laws as they may be different from those based in Australia. It will help avoid conflicts with the operating government in Indonesia. (Adams and all, 2014. Pp339) The manager should also conduct a study of the target users of the water product with an aim to know the focus of appeal. It  will help them to understand what attracts the best and what they dislike.

Logistics manager.

The first role is to research the bulk packaging. The manager should research on how the products should be organized in packages in readiness for shipping to Indonesia. The logistics manager represents the company in the negotiations involving the ship and customs arrangements. It makes sure the interests of the company are put into consideration, and the costs are minimized. The logistics manager should also plan the shipping schedule of the bottled water from Australia to Indonesia. The manager also researches the shipping option with the intentions of determining which one best suits the needs of the organization. It  helps in ensuring that only the safest and fastest mode is applied and this improves efficiency in transporting the bottled water products over the seas.


Sales manager.

He or she is the individual who now deals with the goods once they have been transported to the market site. The first role is to survey the distribution channels. (Goetsch and Davis, 2014.p 0) It helps to make sure the customer obtain access to the commodities when they need them and where they need them. it acts as the roadmap to all the sale operations in the company. The manager is also obliged to conduct thorough research on the sale structures in a bid to determine the option that meets the organization's structure along with customer’s preferences. The sales manager should identify the key customer targets. It will help know where to locate the retails countrywide.


Critical success factors for the operation success in the team

The team should operate in homogenity. Their operations should be done similarly as this goes miles in fostering cooperation in the groups. It also helps to reduce conflicts in the activities as the team operates as one unit. (Salas an all, pp 559)

There should be proper communication mechanisms. It  will enable each to understand the scope of the goal and agree upon the path which has to be taken to achieve the goal. It also facilitates the process of conflict resolution in case one comes up.

The team should operate in cohesiveness. Each should be capable of getting along with the rest. There should also be trust and respect for each other’s opinions and abilities. A general manager can gauge the cohesiveness in the way the members participate in the team activities. ( Hislop, Bosua, and Helms, 2018. p 0)


Factors of success in the managerial roles

The managers doing the research should do it extensively. It will ensure that they have all the facts in their disposal before their make their decisions. They also have a vivid picture of the market situation reducing risks. (Christopher, M., 2016. Pp0)

The logistics manager should put the financial aspects into consideration when arbitrating on behalf of the company. It ensures that all the terms agreed to do not impact the budget of the organization negatively. (Chang, 2016. Pp 0)

There should be cooperation between the departments. The sales manager should work together with the product manager to make sure the water bottle designed perfectly matches the preferences of the target consumers in Indonesia.

Stakeholder communication strategy

Like setting up any business especially abroad, stakeholders are of utmost importance in those operations. They should be consulted before making decisions. It involves the following steps.

The first step is notification. At this step, the stakeholder is made aware of an operation or a change in the order of things in the company. The second step is consultation. It  involves seeking advice and consent before deciding on taking a particular course of action. The next step is participation. It includes engaging the stakeholders in the running of the organization for example supervision. (Livesey and Crane, 2017. Pp 39)


As seen in the case above setting up a new business in a new environment involves planning and research. It helps to reduce risks to a reasonable extent as well as improving the effectivity of operations.

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