Assignment is about an American murdering an another American since they wanted to be Americans in State of Mississippi

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William Faulkner’s claim on the Past

According to William Faulkner, there is nothing called ‘present’ exist in real life. It is always past. Even when we talk about something real and right now, the moment we quote it, the time will become past and all we notice is just a memory of the past. In this senses, William Faulkner attempts to explain that the individual always lives in the past. The experiences always form our memories and shape own actions. The past is generally alterable subject to various interpretations.Even those who explain the past will also filter event or situation through which he or she had gone through. It’s the scrutinizing, not unlike the "telephone game" at gatherings, where a person says something, and it is repetitiveeverywherein a circle of folks, revolving into something alike, but twisted at the end.Time foams into Benjy's present-day time and time again. Just to understand how it works, let's take an example from our lives. Recall the day you visited a place which struck your memory linked with that place. The basic perceptions of those days, feelings and experiences derived from those incidents are shaped by your past. Having fulfilled that condition, your past is never dead. On the top of it, those days are not even your past since it has moulded your daily life all the time. Therefore, every event we experience is filtered through the memories and events that we have already encountered in our lives.William Faulkner is a rare person. He was able to see how the past is present with us every day and every moment. He was able to understand how past lives with us every second until we take our last breath.

William Faulkner's stroke, "The past is never dead. It's not even past," is no more a free version. The one who wants to quote these lines must have to pay for the permissions. William Faulkner had spent a substantialamount of his time and works on the metaphysics time. In most of his research, he stated the time as a never-endingnows.

Faulkner inclines to see the past as an illusionary hypothesis, a description that we search for to make sense from, but a tale of nothing more than an illusionary wreckage. William Faulkner views time as an endless progression of moments that can never be converted into something significant no matter how much we desire for rationality.

Background of the Mississippi Burning Incident

The incident was also called as Freedom Summer murder of two civil-rights campaignersMichael Schwerner and James Chaney and one college student Andrew Goodman. He took internship work on civil rightsand voter registration at Mississippi (Carter 2018). They were murdered in an area known as Neshoba Country of Mississippi in June 1964. James Chaney and Michael were actively involved in Congress of Racial Equality popularly called as CORE. Andrew Goodman was a college student who undertook work on education, civil rights 

On Commemorative Day 1964, Chaneyand Schwerner given a speech at Mount Zion in Neshoba County about establishinga type of Freedom School. The school intended to organize and encourage African Americans for cultural and political engagements (Carter 2018). Due to this reason, State-level Klan regime had formerly planned to murder Schwerner. However, the attempt was unsuccessful during one of the meetings held by Schwerner.

On 21st June 1964, Goodman,Schwerner and Chaneytravelled from Meridian to Neshoba County to discuss with the church associates near Mount Zion.  They took the route of Mississippi. Therefore,a deputy sheriff arrested them for fast moving their car. They were arrested at 4 pm and released by 10 pm.  After their release, the campaigners were followed by an assassinatehorde of at least nine men, counting a police official. All three were dragged into one of their vehicles and took them to an isolated county road(Carter 2018). All there were thrashed, killed and the dead bodies were taken to a grange pond and buried nearby area.the murder of the campaigners flickered national outrage and an all-embracing federal enquiry, filed as Mississippi Burning (CBS News 2014).

The federal administration sent search squad from a neighbouringmarine air base to hunt the marshes for the missing activists. Though they were unable to trace the missing people the Navy personnelexposed two other young black campaigners,Hezekiah and Moore a kid of 14-year-old. Furious FBI exposed three bodies in the earthen dam (Montaldo 2017). The FBI officialsarrested more than 12 accused, including Sheriff Rainey, Price and his boss. 

After three years, 7 out of 18 perpetrators were proven guilty of the case and the court punished the convicts with imprisonment. However, none of the convicts has served jail term more than six years.  

The punishments have never satisfied those who have lost their three kids. The case against Killen was again reopened when a new witness was found against him. However, the jury has rejected the claim. However, Killen was found guilty in the case since he had recruited the mob that carried out the crime. Therefore, again he was sent to jail for the next 12 years term. He died while serving the term in jail(Montaldo 2017).

Final Revelation about this event

I am convinced about the engagement of FBI during the entire process of investigation. It is impressive to understand that the investigation agency was able to trace them footsteps of culprits and brought them to the court of law. In the past 52 to 54 years, they have done everything possible to make culprits accountable for the crime. However, the working style of the legal system in almost all countries looks similar in certain aspects. For example, to declare a person convict the courts need strong evidence. Further, the proceedings will take their own time. During the process, there are possibilities that the evidence may vanish by natural causes or the criminals may threaten the evidence (King 1988). 

Sadly, for the citizens of Mississippi, and for the nation, several murders took place over the years, in which persons of colour were embattled, and those who tried to make them the sufferers of cruelty as well, all underprivileged of basic civil rights of inhabitants.

Not everybody reasons the time to move forward. This case is about an American murdering an another American since they wanted to be Americans (Press 2016). Though the case was legally closed by the Department of Justice and the State of Mississippi, the case will never be closed until it restores confidence in Americans and heals the injuries that have separated the country.

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