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Mission statement

The company is very much focused towards its customers and will treat its customers as their only customer in the market by provisioning of services efficiently so as to make them realize how important is the customer to the company. 

The company is committed towards ensuring the safety of individuals and for the coming generation. With this ambition, the company is working towards its goals and objectives through continuous investments in research and development in order to develop a product based on the changing market in which the company is competing. The company invested around 10 billion dollars in research and development for the year 2017 and 35 billion dollars in the acquisition of new firms in the market.

Business Model

Strategy description

The company believes in operating strategically in the market by focussing broadly over the health care of humans, business management from a long-term perspective, decentralized approach of management, and strongly committing towards the people and values defined by the company, and achieving the demands of the customers in the market in which the company is operating. The management of the company is highly focussed towards the long-term strategy drivers including value creation through innovation, expanding the area of operations of the company across the world through mergers and acquisitions, continuous improvement in the provisioning of services and excellence in execution. The company in a broad sense is based in the human healthcare industry and is focussed towards the development of innovative and high-quality products in order to create the value of the company in the market. The company invested huge amounts in the area of research and development in order to develop the products as per the changing environment.

Product differentiation

The company’s kin concentrate each day on tending to the world's major neglected restorative needs with predominant science. "Since The company’s last Pharmaceuticals Business Review with examiners in 2009, The company have fabricated an exceedingly profitable pharmaceuticals pipeline, with six key new items propelling and another two pending administrative survey, some in numerous geologies. The company’s taught way to deal with innovative work, thorough venture prioritization, and inside and outside wellsprings of advancement has empowered us to be all around situated for long haul development. The company’s renewed portfolio and dispatch capacities have prompted advertise initiative in key classifications (Lee, et al., 2009)." 

The human services industry is experiencing emotional change and with science developing quickly, the company is all around situated for the new requests, prerequisites, socioeconomics, and patterns forming the medicinal services showcase.

The company’s improvement programs fuse a results-based methodology, installing the client, doctor, and patient experiences, while The company’s expansive based skill and worldwide advancement tasks enable us to convey focused items comprehensively, with upgraded profitability and quickened the courses of events.


The Medical Devices section centers around orthopedic, medical procedure, cardiovascular, diabetes care, and vision care items. Its many working organizations - including careful supplies organizations Ethicon and Ethicon Endo-Surgery, orthopedics gadget producer DePuy, and vision care backup Vision Care- - have encountered solid deals development. The division likewise incorporates the LifeScan diabetes care unit (Vijayaratnam, 2009). 

The Consumer fragment offers items including J&J's infant items, the Listerine brand of oral consideration items, and healthy skin brands including Aveeno, Clean and Clear, and Neutrogena. Its portfolio likewise incorporates OTC pharmaceuticals, ladies' wellbeing, and wound consideration items.

Describe the industry trends and major competitors

Industry Trends: Big brand-name pharmaceutical organizations confront continuous difficulties and vulnerabilities. The business has been subjected to elevated the opposition from bland medication producers, evaluating weight from payers, and difficult to control swelling in R&D. In any case, huge Pharm is attempting to ensure its business by cutting expense, enhance promoting and deals and rearrange the R&D activities. Developing markets, for example, China, Brazil, Russia, and India give openings and drive the developments. Development in developing markets counterbalance the misfortune in created nations.

Competition Analysis: Group of JNJ includes: The world's 6th biggest shopper wellbeing organization; The world's biggest and most assorted therapeutic gadgets and diagnostics organization; The world's fifth-biggest biologics organization; And the world's eighth-biggest pharmaceuticals organization. Professionals: Johnson and Johnson continue driving position over the real medicinal services ventures (Lee, et al., 2009)a. Assorted medicinal services sections protect the organization from downturns in the economy, offering a cautious development opportunity. JNJ has solid estimating power in view of their specialty drugs. High profits each year. The 2007 procurement of Pfizer's purchaser business cemented Johnson and Johnson's situation in customer business showcase. The organization has likewise made new medicinal devices, including earthenware orthopedics and negligibly obtrusive careful instruments. Rather than a large portion of its companions, Johnson and Johnson face generally unobtrusive patent misfortunes amid the following couple of years: 

Critical success factors

Follow up is the most huge basic achievement factor of the organization. The Executive Conference is as an active learning administration advancement process. At the finish of the fifth day in area center session, a huge level of energy has been created with respect to the business case, proposed techniques (Castka, at al., 2001). Also, there is a high duty to the bits of knowledge picked up from the initiative input process and the individual activity anticipates change. Once the members come back to their working units, they need to decide how best to adjust the new headings and activity designs with that which was at that point on their plate before the meeting. During the time spent prioritization, frequently what tumbles to the base of the rundown are those issues, which are worried about self-awareness. While many would state that enhancing the adequacy of one's authority is imperative, it appears to do not have the feeling of desperation required for holding a place of essential consideration. On the off chance that the member's level of individual duty was estimated toward the finish of the workshop, you'd see their upfront investment perusing off the scale. Proceeding with that measure throughout the following a while would uncover a bend with a sharp descending pattern. The way to progress is to give supporting frameworks, which keeps the procedure alive while not exchanging possession for the change far from the person.


The firm has its presence globally and with its continuous investment in research and development, the company is able to develop suitable products for the customers that are likely by the customers in the market. The company is further able to make a decent market reputation and thereby increasing the financial performance of the entity over the years.

The largest healthcare provider in the world

Trusted brand 

The extensive and robust distribution system

79th ranked brand in the world.


The company is involved in various litigation thereby it is expected that the company may require to pay claims.

Their some disputes going on amongst the management and the partners of the group companies

The company has a major investment in research and development and therefore the performance of the entity majorly depends upon the success of researched products.


Many times, the products of the company are found to consist some ingredients that are harmful to the lives of an individual.

The company has a record of calling back 0 medicines that have a huge impact on its reputation in the market.

Presence of global rivals.

Presence of legal barriers in the exportation of the products.


The company possesses the potential to cross-sell a wide range of products in order to maximize their revenues from medical devices, pharma, and diagnostics.

The company also possess potential to exploit Biologics market

Development of new products as per the change in environment is the key to success.

Customer analysis (include global business issues):

Customer value proposition

Based on the quality of the products offered by the coming and having a very good brand name in across the whole world, the products of the company are preferred by the customers in the areas where the company is operating. The company is also offering products through huge research and thereby no substitutes of such products are available of some products. This is also a critical success factor of the company.


The company is the developer of human medicines for cure. The customer base of the company is mainly the patients suffering from a cause or a disease, the doctors and training institute those who require medical devices and other consumer products for care. The products of the company are also preferred for care and not only for cure such like soaps and other toiletries. The company has its presence across the world and carries a very good brand image with the products and services offered by the company across various countries.


The company is divided into three major segments consisting of consumer, medical devices and pharmaceutical. The company is performing well in all the three segments and continuously improving its market in the three segments. 

New Products and services

The company is continuously innovating products as per the changing needs of the environment and has a number of new products in all the segments.

Key Value drivers

The key value drivers refer to the efforts made by the company in the promotion of the brand in order to increase the value of the company and thereby accomplishing the objectives of the company.

The company in order to achieve their objectives expanded the areas of operation through mergers and acquisitions

The company innovated its products as per the changing needs of the environment.

The company was also very good in the promotion of its products in the market and seen the very good response of the existing as well as new products offered by the company.

Debt to equity ratio of the company deteriorated over the years and it is 0.09 as per the last annual report figures.

Assets turnover ratio of the company is 0.51 and receivables turnover ratio of the company is 6.07.


In the given assignment, I did the complete financial analysis of the company and based on that identified the trend of increase and decrease in the financial performance and ratios and also identification of reasons behind the change in financial ratios of the firm.

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