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Businesses have embraced Information technology in their dealings in response to the emerging consumer trends. The creation of websites has made companies interact with customers easily and in a cheap way. However, a website should be created in a manner that attracts customers by being easy to use. This includes providing all the necessary information about the firm in the site. Human factors are considered when creating the website to achieve the goals of the company. In this context, human factors are the elements and characteristics of people that must be considered when designing a website.

A website for a spa business should be created differently from those of other businesses. Some of the human factors that should be considered include user emotions, feelings, and thoughts. A good business person must be capable of accommodating the emotions and thoughts of a customer ("Experience maps, user journeys and more… | UX Lady", 2017). This helps in improving the customer relations in the business. A website should be created with this factor in mind. From the response by the customers, it is evident that they were not pleased with the spa's website. The customers, as a result, may doubt the services offered at the spa due to lack of fundamental resources such as phone number and prices. 

People are not equal on all measures. Some may be capable of purchasing computers whereas other cannot. Fortunately, mobile phones can be used to access the internet. Website developers need to consider this factor seriously.  A website that can be accessed easily through both modes should be created. This solves the need of customers visiting a cyber cafe to access the site. 

It is human nature to forget things. People are pre-occupied with numerous activities which may result in forgetting to carry out some activities. A business such as a spa should be in the forefront in reminding the customers about their appointment. From the survey conducted, the customers indicated that they would not mind being reminded about attending the sessions through the website. 

The website should address the factor of user needs. User needs differ from one customer to another depending on individual preferences. Whenever a person accesses a website, there is that one thing that he/she expects to find (Tsiaousis &Giaglis, 2014). For instance, one customer might expect to find the location of the spa whereas another one might hope to find the type of services offered. In this case, the spa website did not cater for user needs. Customers complained that no contacts and prices for services were available. Such factors may result in the loss of customers for the business. 

The perception of customers should be considered when creating a website. Perception shapes the views of customers regarding a company. When the impression is good, more customers will visit the website. A good website should incorporate all necessary elements to improve customer perception. A spa business is unique since it involves the physical and mental health of customers. Therefore customers are extra cautious when selecting a spa. For instance, all relevant information must be clearly set out. Secondly, the company can list some of the positive reviews that former customers have credited the spa business.


Websites provide the best way through which customers and companies can communicate without physically interacting. Therefore a good website should incorporate all the necessary information to assist customers.  

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