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The role of nurse is very crucial in the healthcare industry as because they are the first person with whom the patients interacts. The responsibility of the nurse is very important since they assess the needs of the patients and are also responsible for the diagnosis of illness that the patient bears (Pender, N.J., Murdaugh, C.L., & Parsons, M.A., 2015). The responsibility of the nurse is the first main component of the promotion of health care which is advocate wherein they provide empowerment to their patients for having access equally to the services of the healthcare. The nurse acts as a health educator because of the above discussed facts and also since they have skills wherein the challenges faced by the individual in relation to the health is being taken care by the nurse.

The nurse’s besides using the learning styles strategy for developing a tailored care plans of individuals, uses many other strategies for the promotion of the health sector. The nurses use strategies wherein the negative outcomes is reduced to the maximum, giving the rise in the comfort of the health care services being available. There are many programs being available to the nurses wherein the increased demand are being met i.e. Online RN to BSN programs. This program helps in the facilitation of the critical thinking thereby resulting in the removal of barriers of health and the wellness of patient. The standard practices methods now a days requires the nurses to get involved in the strategies associated with the health promotion so that there is maximisation of the outcomes of the same. Many of the strategies have a fact which is universal wherein there is requirement of the nurse to adopt the roles of care coordinators, system innovators and the coaches of the health. There are many roles and responsibilities of the nurse which is impossible to be framed in an exhaustive list and the above discussed are just inclusive lists. The core responsibility of the nurse revolves around the fact that they should coordinate with care with the patient and also with the family members of the patient.

2)            The health promotion model that is used popularly to initiate behavioural changes is the Transtheoretical Model which is also known as Stages of Changes Model. In this model, the process wherein there is changes with respect to the behaviour and accounts of individual acceptance level to the changes is being considered. There are five major stages of this model (Glanz, K., B. Rimer, , & F. Lewis., 2002). The process as mentioned above is cyclical. The stages concerned with the model are Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action and Maintenance. The stages are designed with the objective of the attainment of each of the plans and procedures being introduced and the maintenance of the same. The model requires the education to prevail in the communities about the health promotion being targeted along with encouraging the same by way of counselling so that the self-confidence can be boosted. The model requires the individuals to then have some activities being introduced for attainment to the goal. There is also requirement of promotion of the same by way of using various techniques like development of the campaigns for social media and working with the communities for providing healthy options and health opportunities.

The stages of the model being cyclical in nature requires the following things in order:

             Education programs for educating the patients and other individuals along with education with regard to the pros and cons of the same

             Identification of the barriers to the physical activities and encouragement plans for the same

             Supporting in the best way possible and helping in the identification of the resources

             Helping the individuals take the plan into action

             Encouraging for the maintenance of the objective being framed for long run

There are many other models which are different in terms of planning and also execution but all the models have one thing in common which is the attainment of the health care promotion with uniformity and continuity. Using one or more model at the same time can also be done but that again depends upon the planner and varies from cases to cases. The role of models and theories is the easy understanding of the behaviour and plan for the programming of the health care promotion. The model as discussed above helps in teaching behavioural changes as because the promotion of the activity differs for different cases and so does the behaviour also. There are many barrier that affects the ability of the patient to learn which includes the limited availability of social media, lack of information, etc. The major thing impacting the learning outcomes is the readiness of the patient to learn as because the greater the readiness of the patient for learning the better will be the impact of the health promotion activities.

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