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Question - Smith and Sons Limited has a flat-file processing system. The information-processing facility of the company is extensive. Different applications, such as order processing, production planning, inventory management, accounting systems, payroll, and marketing systems, use separate tape and disk files. You were running an accounting consultancy and considered the best consultant on the accounting information system. Therefore, Smith and Sons Limited has recently hired your consulting firm to investigate the possibility of switching to a database management system.

Based on the above information, prepare a memo to the top management team at Smith and Sons Limited explaining the advantages of a database management system (DBMS). Also, discuss the necessity of a database administrator and the job functions this person would perform.

Answer - There are various advantages of the database systems

Data integration: The use of the database system provides the integrity of the data by using the constraints on the data. The files are combined in logical way and these files are made accessible to different systems.

Data sharing: The authorized users can access the data easily and data can be stored at one place.

Minimizing data redundancy: The redundancy in the data gets reduced. The delicacy in the data can be prevented using various constraints.

Data consistency: The consistency of the data can be ensured as data is not stored at multiple places. Therefore, the update in the data does not affect the consistency of the data.

Data independence: There is separation between the data and the programs.

More security: Database management system enables the users to ensure more security. The security controls can be enforced on the data. The data can be encryoted with the use of the different encryption algorithms.

Database administrator

The database administrator is required for the storage and the management of the data in the database.

Job functions

To create database design for the storage of the data

To create table for the storage of the data.

To create multiple views of the database.

To provide different access control privileges to the different users of the database.

To design the maintenance procedures for the database.

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