Describe how each plays a role in growing the business and write a paragraph of your marketing plan

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Question - Visit NET-A-PORTER website and create an Internet marketing plan for it that includes each of the following:

-One-to-one marketing

-Affiliate marketing

-Viral marketing

-Blog marketing

-Social network marketing

Describe how each plays a role in growing the business and write a paragraph of your marketing plan.

Answer -

Net A porter is a fashion brand in clothing and accessories. The target market of the Net A Porter is the women of all age and deliver incredible fashion. The brand has worldwide shipping for more than 170 countries with a signature luxurious packaging. Company aims to cater the target audience with the help of marketing using both offline and internet marketing using the following marketing plan:-

Social network Marketing - The social media marketing will be integrated into business to get in touch with the target audience. Most of female from all around the world are active on instagram and facebook and thus there will be regular posting of the products image and videos of the new trends on both social media network. The regular posting will help in keeping in touch with the audience and recognize their taste. The regular answering of comments will satisfy the audience on their needs and thus will help in increasing the loyalty of brand. The audience will also be informed about the fashion knowledge to help them keep trendy and fashionable by following a unique patterns of fashion.

Blog Marketing - Blog marketing will also be used by uploading blogs on fashion tips and best accessories to carry on the website of Net A porter to inform the audience and improve the relationship with the target audience. The journalists will be recruited to write blog on fashion and give a unique content to attract large audience and increasing the visitor time. The comprehensive content on fashion with industry knowledge will be put on blog to keep audience abreast of new fashion and technology. This will help in creating more visitors for website and have huge audience for the conversion and sales.

Affiliate marketing - The affiliate programs will be launched to increase more leads, visitors on the website from the help and efforts of affiliates. The affiliates will also be rewarded for bringing more views and visitors on our websites and sales increment.

Viral Marketing - Viral marketing will also be used on focusing on producing the content on social media network worth and interesting to consumer and even helping consumer in their personal life. The content includes such as redesigning the used clothes, bags, or how to match the accessories with different fashion. The focus will be on creating more interest of audience in brand with the help of memes and entertainment. The fun and also emotional touch will be given in the content to win the audience confidence which will help in getting more organic traffic for website.

One to One marketing - One to one marketing will also be used to create an individual experience for consumer to give information details on the product with prices and varieties available. This will help in increasing customer loyalty and also high return on investment in marketing. There will be use of CRM to reach out to individual and personalised emails will be send regularly through automation tool.

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