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Business whether small or large requires effective outsourcing process and strategy helps in performing specialized function within companies. It occurs as an agreement that is hold between two companies in integrating internal activities. The contract of the business activity involves claims, payroll, non-core functions, facility management and operational investigation.  It also help in controlling public services to private business enterprise. As per the research study of business outsourcing, new business outsourcing possibility has been discovered in reference to Eskon Technologies in UK and identifying outsourcing practices. It evaluates the importance of national business in UK and adheres to competitive prospects identifying scopes and traits of outsourcing business. The research study helps in exploring the benefits and adoption of strategic measures of business outsourcing.

 Effectiveness of learning experience

The learning process regarding the business outsourcing has helped gaining an insight into different features and traits of outsourcing measures and possibilities. It assessed the benefits of outsourcing and how it drives different operations.  The factors focused on are cost saving, technological use and efficiency, essentiality of skilled labours, use of resources and improvement in performance. On the other hand, it expands the idea regarding the effectiveness of business outsource in adhering to improvisation services to clients and customers. Simultaneously it derives the risk and limitations associated in outsourcing business activities. The literature review explains the advantages and disadvantages of business outsourcing enforcing. The research formulated questions concerning financial requirements, value of competitive advantage, curtailing operational expenses and the flexibility of outsourcing using concepts and theories supporting variants. The survey working based on ten respondents from Ekson Technologies have helped expanding the idea of benefits of outsourcing and other aspects using 6 open ended questions used in collected conclusive ideas. The qualitative research study examined the facts and knowledge accumulated from the respondent’s that critically assessed suing secondary sources.

Opinion regarding the learning program

In my opinion, outsourcing has helped Ekson technologies in driving domestic and foreign contracting that has allowed the organization in relocating different business functions to an organization in nearby country. It has helped in transferring risk, is more cost saving, allow experience and expertise development within a field, save valuable time, allow capacity management and develop core processes. It has helped in expanding core business activity allowing rich experience and fostering socio-economic bonds. In future it will help me in conducting business activities with foreign alliance under the consideration of reduced operational cot, increase of control during turbulent conditions, access to world class capabilities, share risk and improve the current services and product quality (Smith and Smith, 2016).

Value of business outsourcing and the learning process

The question that comes to my mind after research study is why outsourcing? It is important to analyse the value of outsourcing in the current business economy. It is gathered from the research study and collected facts that outsourcing help in equipping faster and quality services within he allocated time. It helps in reducing the ability of turbulence and turnaround time; pertaining to transform new ideas into product improvisation. On the other hand, it fosters flexibility with additional workforce in meeting short-term and long-term benefits; acquire partnerships in lowering the price of labour and material. It helps in understanding overhead costs in maintaining extremely high cost. By outsourcing the operations overhead costs are diminished. The major benefits of outsourcing helps in utilising value added services in meeting organizational objectives. It help in identifying the ways the organization can keep the current operations going in delegating employee turnover and assess shared risk with partner company. The value is therefore attained through innovative service-obsessed organization in delivering workforce solution and contributing substantially towards integrity, productivity and profitability (Guggilla et al. 2018).

Course and program

In consideration to my future prospects, the learning process will help in conducting course program based on international marketing and business evaluation.  Using outsourcing training, I can develop my future career using SEO, SEM, SMM, Internet marketing, data entry and email marketing aspects ad activities. The Program Management Outsourcing (PMO) will help in identifying delivery method that can be used in assigning the program life cycle of under the supervision of external program management consultancy.

Effectiveness of business research

The business research acts as extensive study evaluating crucial part of organizational functioning. Using interrelated steps like opportunity identification, diagnosing problem, explore solutions, implement current solutions, and identify effectiveness of decision-making the advantages and disadvantages, aspects and management of business outsourcing is gathered (Smith and Smith, 2016). The study allows improvement of Ekson Technology productivity focusing on cost reduction, cost control and maintenance of consistency and foster partnership. The partnership allowance between two organizations helps in creating good quality service and creating innovative processes towards profit outcome. The business research helps in focusing on primary and secondary research methods combining observation and interviewing. It has helped in conducting survey work developing knowledge of new phenomenon and generates valuable propositions from the issue and risk that emerge from business outsourcing and obtain quick feedback from research findings. The research study ahs expanded the thought process, enlarged scope, diversified vision, positioned career plans and allow exploration of cost-friendly methods. Furthermore, it allowed adoption of new business models and tailor management support.

Application of learning in future


The learning process becomes effectives as its application help in improving service delivery, improve business value achievement, coordinating business-oriented metric application, improve data gathering techniques, increase standardization ad drive change. It enlarge the scope of learning in different platforms including Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO), Administrative Process Outsourcing (APO), Application Service Provider (ASP), Application, design and Maintenance (ADM) It Infrastructure Outsourcing (IO) and IT services and Managed hosting. It helps in diversifying the learning process using modes of operation, strategic planning, and consulting. The use of Interim operating model, theoretical study and target operating model, there can be transformation in engagement, transition, and enterprise integration.


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