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Outsourcing of some of the activities by the companies is done to increase the productivity of the companies. As an entrepreneur, the owner of the company should think that by hiring the virtual employees for the outsourced activities should contribute in benefit the organization. If we generally see the trends of the market today, then many of the companies outsourced the computer activities of the company. This is totally depended on knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the companies. The companies which know the strengths and weaknesses of the company have the right vision of the activities which they wanted to be outsourced (Rybacka, 2016). According to the personal perspective there are mainly five business activities which can be opted for the outsourcing by many of the business owners which help in increasing the productivity of the company and contribute in making it bigger and better. These are given below: - Accounting services of business: - financial records of the companies are a very tiring task and it takes all of efforts to maintain it. So for this purpose an accounting professional can be outsourced which is more proficient in handling the account activities. In these activities he will be able to handle the accounts, payrolls, book keeping and the taxes and other financial activities (Rybacka, 2016). Marketing of the products at social media: - now a day the businesses require having online presences so that they could reach to different to expand their businesses. It requires regular updates of the products and by replying on the queries of the customers and following the feedback given back by the customers and the clients at national and international level.

This type of marketing on social media can be time consuming for the business owners so for this purpose the social media marketing consultant companies can be hired from different countries to build the business (Rybacka, 2016). Service to the customers: - providing the efficient and effective services to the customers is an effective way to increase the business but this part of the work can be outsourced to the call centers which are situated in developing countries like India. The call representatives would be provided with the trainings of the products and the services provided by the particular companies (Rybacka, 2016).

This will contribute in saving huge amount of expenses by the company for hiring different people for this purpose. Website design and the management: - for this purpose web designer companies can be hired so that they could design the online platforms so that customers can reach companies in a customer friendly way. Time tracking software: - this is the software service which can be provided by the business owner to record the time spent by the employees on the specific tasks. This will help in knowing the productivity factors of the companies.

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