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Is there a realistic way to reunite the two Koreas?

To understand if there is a realistic way to re-unite the two Koreas, it’s better to understand the cause and history of the disunity and to know who will benefit rom the reunification. The disunity that existed between the North Korea and South Korea stems back during the time of World War One and escalated to world War Two and the cold war that existed between Japan and China as a result of their competing interests which necessitated the division.

The question as to whether there is realistic way to re-unite the two Korea is solely based on resolution of the competing interests among the countries involved. In 1926 Japanese had already undermined Koreas unique cultural identity and wanted to enforce their names, but when the Japanese empire was dismantled at the end of World War Two Korea fell victim to the cold war. It was divided into two spheres of influences along the 38th parallel.

These influences were necessitated by the entry of the United Nations and other super power countries like USA and British that deployed their soldiers. Eventually, the South Koreas economy has grown than the North Korea based on American influences, while the North Korea became tied to the China with their own influences.

The unifying factor to the Korea, is anchored on the US-China relationship, which is also still surrounded by China, Russia, Japan and US. The Design of the agreement has to be carefully and accepted by four sides as suggested by Charlie C. 2018 .

Economically Korea would side with China based because Korea finally shares a land boarder with China. Both China and Korea would benefit from the huge trade and tourism interactions.

To my proposals which are agreement with Janus D. [2012] , there are three steps to be taken to achieve this reunification;

Step One . Special economic Zones

North Korea should learn from what China did in 1978 and open up its economy gradually and smoothly but not abruptly. By this approach the countries will promote their ties and promote the harmony and co-existence between themselves hence reunification. It can set up a few special zones so that it allows foreign companies to enter and establish joint ventures companies and factories.

Step Two. Take loans from South Korea and China to improve infrastructure

Stop developing nuclear weapons and let the Chinese set up military bases to defend North Korea. Let China pressure the US lift the sanctions so that the North Korea can take loans from China, South Korea and Japan. Don’t be afraid of falling into the debt.

Step Three. Land reform and cultivate domestic industry

Rule the country by defining your code of law and follows its definitely. Change your land policies by allowing private ownership of the individuals. So that people can purchase the land to develop their factory. Assign lands to local farmers and reduce farming taxes.


The reunification here is determined by the competing interest among the two super power countries, that is USA-China. If these two countries together with other tied countries like Russia and Japan will come up with a mechanism to reach an agreement then the two Koreas will unite in an easy way, failure the rivalry will continue as perfectly argued by Janus D. [2012]

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