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Project Management initiates the controlling, executing, planning and closure of defined objectives of a task which must be completed within a stipulated period of time

It is considered a temporary venture has taken by people to provide a new amenity to its customers or stakeholders. Human resource, communication, integration, scope, quality, cost, time, procurement knowledge is necessary for managing a project in s successful manner

Ethics in Project Management

Fairness, respect honesty, and responsibility drive the ethical behavior for the profession of project management

It directs how a project is required to be carried out by maintaining a proper ethic structure during the operation of the project

It is a discipline guiding “how to perform best” during the task. Here the views of the individual are respected

International Factors in Project Management

The factors which are held accountable during the course of the project completion are :

? Deadline

? Competent People 

? Stakeholders

? Budget

? Smart Planning

? Open Communication

Cross-cultural considerations in Project Management

This dimension takes care of the basic issues that the society has to overcome but for this, the solution provided will differ

It takes into consideration the connections between individuals, motivational orientation, socio-cultural aspects, control, divergers and converters, power distance, uncertainty avoidance and time orientation 

Challenges and Opportunities

Some of the challenges associated with the Project Management activity are :

Unrealistic deadlines

poorly established project goals

scope creep

incompetent team

inappropriate way of communicating and conveying information

geographically distributed team

There are positivity side related in taking risk while doing project work:

The objective associated with the work serves a primary aim in project management

It aims in optimizing the project plan to minimize the related risk

Project scope can be improved by going through the guidelines and checking its feasibility


Milestones of the project should be built to check the progress of the project work

Both long term and short term goals must be made to check the project’s viability

To avoid inadequate communication, one to one discussion must be taken and regular feedback must be sent to the project members


Ethical Scenario - – If an employee has received an important information which is useful in decreasing the cost of the project, must disclose the information based on the ethical grounds. If he is not doing then he is not abiding by the honesty value of the ethical consideration. Providing relevant information at right time can save extra money, effort and time of the project work. 

International Factors - Any information if not provided to the stakeholders of the project, then the stakeholders will lose interest in the project work. The stakeholders of a particular project are suppliers, external customers, government, sub-contractors, top management, resource managers, peers, internal customers and contractors. Stakeholder’s contribution is important during project management. Building a bridge where the resident resides will have a negative impact on the project. In this scenario, the project plan should be changed 

Cross-Cultural Factors – Culture holds an emotional position in the minds of an individual. Projects should be culturally sensitive. If people of Japan want to start a project in America then t has to follow the corporate culture of working in America. In Japan, there is one boss but in America, people are used to working independently and creatively. It tends to improve the performance of the project team. 


Project Management initiative aims in improving or building a new project while doing so the ethical, international factors and the cross-cultural consideration must be taken into account. These factors lay the foundation of constructing a sound project. The stakeholders must be communicated regarding the various elements associated with the project work. Scheduling task in the project is a mandatory work included to allocate the resources on time. Project management aims to reduce risk and benefit the society. 

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