Current assignment is a discussion on dietary fibers and the implications of the same to the blood pressure and others

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Overview of the article:

The current article is from peer reviewed journal and is a scientific article as well. The core theme of the article includes discussion on dietary fibers and the implications of the same to the blood pressure and other heart related diseases. The competency of dietary fibers and the implications of the same to control hypertensive blood pressure and impact of the same on other related cardio vascular disease risk factors is discussed in the article.

Summary of the article:

In the past there is extensive research on developing bioactive components in the food which can control the blood pressure levels. Fiber is proven dietary element that can effectively control heart and related diseases. Further the β type of glucan which do present in the fiber component of the grains is already found to reduce cholesterol levels of plasma category. The article indicated that there are several evidences existed in literature reported that the fiber do have capacity to improve the condition of glycaemia, insulin resistance and weight loss as well.  Dietary fiber does have effect on the blood pressure contained in arterials. It is a subject of laboratory research. It is indicated by the authors that the fiber intake has reduced the arterial blood pressure in rats with hyper tensivity. It is also informed by authors that certain types of fibers can improve the pressure in arteries, when they are employed to both the subjects of hyper tension.  An extensive review of applications of dietary fiber indicated that the β-glucan and other soluble fibers can improve weight loss as well. However it is still not very much clear about the mechanism regarding why only certain fibers do have the necessary anti-hypertensive characteristics and why not certain other fibers, further it is informed that there is considerable scope for future research for getting more insight into the useful dietary fibers specifically in the control of blood pressure.

Source Reliability and Accuracy of information:

The article is accepted by royal society of chemistry. The journal food and nutrition is peer reviewed journal.  The authors of the article Aleixandre A and Miguel M are both from the research and academic institutions of repute from Spain. Further the article does have about 67 references. Hence authenticity of the article is beyond doubt and information can be considered to be accurate.

Reflection of the information:

The information presented in the article is quite useful and versatile for our day to day dietary requirements; any health conscious person can find use of this article very much. Most importantly information presented in the article is useful for patient suffering with high blood pressures. It is a cost effective and efficient solution to curb BP.

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