The main goal for this assignment is to meet budget requirements, complete project within 12 months period


Work Breakdown Structure

In my previous assignment, I discussed a boat building project.  I have defined the project scope and deliverables, project goals, key customers and stakeholders. The main goals for this project are to meet the budget requirements, complete project within 12 months period, construct a boat that can float, and install radio control system with a minimum distance of .5-mile radius. Since most of the project steps have been identified, I can now break the work of my project into smaller and smaller work elements (PMP, 2017). A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a decomposition of all the deliverables necessary to complete my project.  A WBS is prepared in a hierarchy and allows to understand the grouping of the activities of my boat building project. The goals of developing a WBS are:

1. For the project team to logically and quickly plan out the project to its completion.

2. To gather information about the steps of the work that needs to be done for a project.

3. To manage and organize activities into small manageable parts that can help in achieving project objectives.

To estimate the cost and time requirements for the boat construction project I need to breakdown my WBS to the activity level until I can make some cost and time assumptions. The WBS for my boat construction project consists of the level 1 – Project Name “IMOCA 60”. The second level is based on various work components. My segments are a design, manufacturing, electronics, rigging, testing, delivery (Mulero, 2018). Since this project is not that big, I don’t need to have sub-segments. 

Below is the WBS for IMOCA 60 designed using a PowerPoint application (Karlson, 2018).

The followings are my work packages: 

- A design which includes the following: find or prepare an actual IMOCA 60 design; adjust the design for scaling down because we can’t just use a 20 meters boat design and then manufacture it into a 1.5 meters version of is, it just simply won’t float well. This means that we need to increase the volume. Then, I finalize the design; and this is where I design it or modify the design. This is the stage where we make it ready for manufacturing. 

- Inthe manufacturing stage, my work packages are: decide on the materials, and then I need to procure them; then I need frames (frame for the deck and the hull). Then lamination; assemble the hull part and the deck. Later on, in the cosmetics stage, I need to do a lot of sanding and painting. 

- In electronics, first package is to decide on the components and procure them. These two can be merged into one work package because I can estimate the cost and time investments for this activity.Then assembly and testing.

- Then we move on to rigging. This includes the mast, the shrouds, the sails, and the liens.  Decide on the items and procure them. The final stage here is to install them.

- In the testing stage, I need to conduct testing for electronics, the rigging, and the hull. Then I will do a pool trial, and finally sea trial. 

- The final segment in my WBS is a delivery stage. This is where we must deliver the IMOCA 60 boat to the customer (Mulero, 2018). 

Project schedule

In the Gantt – Chart  I prepared a project schedule for my boat construction.  I used a chart because it is easier to list all the work package on a suitable timescale. Each work package or activity is represented by a bar that provides information on the duration and the end date of the activity.  The total time required is 12 months. 

I have identified project deliverables and work packages required for the completion of this project. It is time now to prepare a communications plan.  Communication is a key component in tracking project schedules, issues, and actions required.  The plan provides a flow of information to different stakeholders and becomes a core component of the overall project plan.  The primary purpose of this plan would be to what, who, and when information will be transmitted to project stakeholders so items like schedules, issues, and actions can be tracked. The target group for this project that requires updates on the project is the customer, sponsor, top management, project team, and a project manager.  The customer needs to be informed if there are any delays with project delivery and why we experience such an issue. The sponsor needs to know how a project is progressing, and whether it encountered any significant problems. The project team requires to see schedules, task lists, specifications and what needs to be done. The top management requires updates on the status of the project, and if they need to make strategic decisions and manage a portfolio of the project. The project manager will be on top of the changes in the scope of the project, its’ deliverables issues, team status meetings, milestone reports (Larson, 2018). 

The methods of communication will vary on the type of audience I am trying to reach. It can be via email and hardcopy letters, in-person meeting or phone calls.  The last item in the communication plan will be to decide who is responsible for sending out the information about the project status. The provider group can include a project manager, project team, top management.

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