Study reviews the operational challenges faced by the company to improve channel and activities of service provider.



Operations management is a vital part of an organization to achieve success because  it  includes that  activity of  managing  the resources  to produce  and  transfer products  and  services  (Slack, Chambers  and  Johnston 2010).  Instead,  operations  function  is  that part of  the company responsible for the function of operation management. This  means that every company has an operations function because each of them produces  either  product or  service  for the  ultimate customer  (Slack,  Chambers  and  Johnston  2010

Operations management is an integrated part of business, intends to achieve the targeted goals by managing activities, resources and budget. Fresh Foods is a retail company located in Melbourne, Australia operating for more than 5 years satisfying customers with fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products. The core activities of operation management of the company comprise

Delivering products in fulfilling customer request in best possible ways

Develop quality, packaging and delivery

Enhance customer interests in and around Australia with existing products

However, the company is receiving complaints regarding service delivery affecting overall welfare and reputation. The study intends to analyze the situation, provide discussion in bringing possible solutions to ensure effective operational process. 

Analysis of situation

Fresh Foods need to examine the importance of service delivery. Customers are provided with home delivery purchased over online site. The company has been undergoing constant delays in service and product delivery, resulting in dissatisfaction among customers. There has been certain differentiation in service costs, timing, transportation and delivery process. Service delivery is associated with customer lifecycle including online order entry to exit service delivery. Provisioning need to be in synchronized order with delivery process that will help in conducting process efficiently (Albrecht & Dasigi, 2016).  Each process from online booking, transaction, selection and packaging to delivery is tightly linked that involves resources, budget and technology between departments. It has been difficult to optimize it lately. Miscommunication and lack of knowledge will lead a domino effect on the both company and its customers. For example, when customer is automating order entry on online site of Fresh Foods, it indicates the link with other channel or aspects of the provisioning process. This requires updating information to company and customer to reflect the automation.

The activities that require investigation regarding above mentioned operational issues are order entry, activation, maintenance, packaging, up-sell, delivery and exit. The situation of issues probing into service delivery and provisioning need minute recording of sources of risks, mitigation and timely investigation (Zhen et al., 2017). Further, provisioning area such as sales, order handling, transportation facility, service configuration, and provisioning need to be managed both offline and online. 


When customer finds discrepancy and wrong with service provider the company can lose profitable customers. Maintaining customer relations is an important element in conducting successful business. When customers are happy with service quality, design, efficiency and price, it helps the company to work as a differentiator in the market (Wakui, Kawayoshi, Yokoyama & Aki, 2016). In order to maintain success, trust and efficiency, the company needs to create single view of the customer regarding delivery response, streamline sales and customer support functions. 

The complaints came into existences as there was lack of coordination, track and records of sales, delivery and billing from last one month.  Service delivery and provisioning operations (local) was unable to be justified independently (Radosavljevic, Jevtic & Klimenta, 2016). Each operation was misconduct and therefore needs to be analyzed and processed through strategic processes and services.


As per above discussion, the company is facing complaints from local customers regarding untimely delivery and lack of information regarding confirmation and delivery (Shabanpour & Seifi, 2015). Hence, briefly it is recommended to ensure preconfiguration that will help bypass the consequences. The company need to train the employees regarding online automation and allow them to process service and product delivery following the steps timely-

Step 1—Online confirmation of products purchased. In here, customer negotiates and confirms to buy a service. 

Step 2— Confirm and register order request. Here the customer’s order request is registered and the sales team confirms and processes the feasible supply to the customer. 

Step 3—Confirm and update service request. Here, service request confirmation message is sent and time is updated and generated.

Step 4- Billing process inquiry and transaction 

Step 5—Allowing provisioning request. Internal delivery process begins. 

Step 6— Activating the service through delivery

Step 7— Service is released to the customer.

Step 8—Confirmation and feedback of service delivery completion. 

Service provider infrastructure and facilities need to be made strong and feasible. Each employee associated need to have clear idea about one’s role and responsibility. Every element of service delivery and provisioning needs to be secure, timely, flexible, supportable, and manageable. Operational activities from delivery chain, confirmation to service performance and origination needs to be governed by the manager. The employees need to comply with customer point of view, tune with in strengthening service provider’s business.

Customers expect self-provisioning with efficient working conditions in receiving instantaneous results. In order to fulfill the trends and billing systems it is important for the company to perform scalable and flexible plans. The company needs to ensure and develop tariff plans and rating logic and feedback. Setting up APIs and protocols will help in integrating company standards within fragmented area (Deihimi, Zahed & Iravani, 2016). Customer need to be provided with security and confidentiality, in receiving trust and loyalty. 


In reviewing the operational challenges faced by the company, it is important for the company to improve channel and activities of service provider within current state. It is necessary to understand what is going wrong and what is unacceptable. The company is required to train its employees regarding resolving current issue. This will help in finding gaps identified of current period today and successful future. This will help in building strategic execution plan to move towards gain. 

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