Discuss whether Robert is a resident of Australia for tax purposes and how his income from salary would be taxed

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Question - Robert, a chief executive officer of an American Company specializing in management consultancy, comes to Australia to set up a branch of his company. Robert was recruited for this job in Australia and signed a contract with the company in Sydney. Although the length of his stay is not certain, he leases a residence in Brisbane for 12 months. His wife accompanies him on the trip, but his teenage daughter, having just commenced college, stay in Newyork. He and his wife have a joint account with National Australia Bank in Australia. Robert's income from a consultancy is paid directly into this account. Robert rents out the family home. Apart from the absence of his children, Robert's daily behaviour is relatively similar to his behaviour before entering Australia. All his family other investments, including a share portfolio that generates dividend income, remain in the USA.

Discuss whether Robert is a resident of Australia for tax purposes and how his income from salary and investment would be taxed.

Answer -

According to the provided case study, Robert is a type of migrating person from a palace to another place for his job requirement. In order to describe condition of Robert in Australia for his purpose of tax international migration law it is vastly effective to analyze the total case study in a simple way. International migration law is dependent on different key factors that are extremely advantageous to figure out a clear idea about any case study. However, those key factors are- a proper combination of family members, promoting concept and idea of diversity in every sector, security and appropriate protection of all migrants and disclosing all immigrants with discrete skills and other several important things. Concept of migration law is able to maintain value and validity of critical analysis of case study of Robert. In order to, all expenditure related with regular life is a completely separate pattern that can vary from one country to another country.

However, there is a huge difference in all costs in New York and Brisbane in every required sector. For that reason there is a certain amount of capital required to maintain daily life in New York with Robert's wife and daughter. In cases of Brisbane same amount of capital is specifically required to continue all work in daily life with Robert's wife and Robert without their daughter. Moreover, theses analysis is able to provide a clear concept about of regular expenditure of New York and Brisbane days. However, there are several types of taxes that are actively playing a major role in finishing every work in Australia. In order to, maintain all facilities in daily life as before in New York more capital is required to proceed to fulfill various kinds of requirements properly. On other hand, promoting diversity is a crucial key factor of migration law that is applicable for Robert and his family precisely(Leontieva et al. 2018).

Residential costs are a part of tax purposes that comes from income or salary to provide for government of that particular country distributively. However, these high rate residential costs are an extra expenditure for living in Australia. More income or salary is effective to maintain regularity in daily life and act as a solution to these types of problems. Excess income is profitable to proceed with residential tax in a proper time period that is extraordinarily advantageous for Robert to invest some capital for tax purposes. According to rules and regulations of any particular country all citizens are to provide their all purposive taxes compulsorily. Family-based immigration, Employment-based immigration and Humanitarian immigration are three types of migration laws that create a clear concept and idea about Robert and his family. Citizens, residents, non-immigrants and undocumented immigrants are several key factors to solute all migration related difficulties specifically. Incrementation of quantity of capital is essential for investment in taxes. Overall concept of other investments in family is precious and crucial for Robert to live in another country with his wife. Several types of international migration law are appropriate for evaluating Robert's situation.

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