Critically analyse and report on Cyber Attacks Classification in IoT-based-Healthcare Infrastructure.

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Question 1: Review and write a summary to critically analyse and report (minimum 300 words to maximum 750 words) on "Cyber Attacks Classification in IoT-based-Healthcare Infrastructure from the paper A. Djenna, D. Saidouni, "Cyber Attacks Classification in IoT-Based-Healthcare Infrastructure," 2nd Cyber Security in Networking Conference, 1 Oct 2018.

Answer: Cyber attack classification is the application layer attacks, network layer attacks and the perception layer attacks. The application layer attacks are sub classified into the session medjacking attacks. There are further classified as the active and the passive attacks. Persistent XSS attacks are also type of the session hijacking attack.

Question 2: Write a thorough description of the importance of descriptive and predictive data analysis in cyber security. Give relevant examples and cite your sources.

Answer: The performance of the organization that how many attacks happened in the organization and cause of the most of the attacks in the organization can be figured out with the use of the descriptive analysis techniques such as the mean, box plat and mode [3].

The likelihood of occurrence of the attack in the future which has already occurred in the past can be determined with the help of the predictive analysis. The predictive analysis can be done by the algorithms of the machine leaning like naïve bayes, linear regression and many more such techniques [4].

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