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Question - What are the key features of the objection and appeal process against the Commissioner's decision?

Answer 1 -

Several objections rules are an important factor for processing a fruitful taxation method that covers every sector. The objection taxation method provides citizens with the right to objectify government decisions by processing applications and the right way for objecting to regulations. The government provide rights to object to tax assessment if citizens are not satisfied with the research and development projects. Citizens can submit their objection appeal invoice within the time period, it can be lodge in the federal court or administrative federation appeal tribunal (ATT). The income tax commissioner will provide a date and discuss the objection on that date with appropriate documentation (CFI, 2021). The time limit of objecting application regarding issues can vary in different circumstances like it depends also on the tax variables like if it is original tax assessment, an amended income tax assessment and nil tax assessment. Generally, the time limit is 60 days, including notice period time limits moreover, it takes two or four years after lodgement of the application for a small business.

Generally, as per rule the tax assessment objection for nil income assessment is not considered unless citizens seek increases in tax flexibility. As per the rule in 2013 income year where citizens can object to a nil assessment allow 43.5% in the refundable research and development projects. It is very important to lodge the objection in writing, no soft copy or any other thing will be entertained by the government or any respective taxation entities, moreover, in recent rules, citizens can lodge fax to the respective sectors regarding any objection issues. Custom objection appeal is a very important factor that helps to evaluate disputes in the respective development projects that helps to modify the faults and remember in future projects, the government helps citizens to appeal for a refund if there is any issues occur with the government facilities. Tax laws of the Australian government allow specifically provide rights to the citizens for accessing Administrative appeal tribunal (ATT). Moreover, citizens can appeal for an external review regarding the objection appeal in the federal court considering objection application.

Answer 2 -

Under ITAA the mechanism of the appeal and objection against the decision of ATO is provide.

There is no objection is taken by the taxpayer on the "Nil assessment".

The form of the objection must be in written

This will be given in the manner which is provided by ATO.

There is negative list provided as per ITAA. So the assessee cannot object those decisions which are provided in the negative list. In this list it includes there is no extension of the due date, decisions related to the general interest, binding advice and other decisions.

The filing of the objection against the decisions of determination, the assessment decision. The Assessee is allowed to take object against the decisions of commissioner.

The objection must be filed within two years in small business cases.

For other assessee the objection must be filed for four years. According to the amended this must be in within a 60days.

The taxpayer can request for external review if he is not fully satisfied with the tax objection decision. The appeal can be filed by the taxpayer in the federal court. He can also file appeal to AAT. The appeal can be filed by the taxpayer against commissioner's decision. The appeal which is filed by the taxpayer must be include the question regarding to the matter of the law. The time limit for the appeal is within 60days.the form of the appeal must be in writing. The taxpayer can either appear personally or by hiring legal practitioner. The appeal must be given in the prescribed manner which is prescribed under the ATO. All the relevant documents will be sending by the ATO to the court.

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