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This report is based on software quality, change management and testing process. In the implementation of software development and enterprise development the concept of software quality has an impact and there are lot of different services are available. The aim of this report is to define the integration and implementation of quality assurance plan management. A quality assurance plan (QAP) is used to explain and identify the criteria that will ensure and verify the integration of data that meet the data-quality objectives. The concept of data analytics tool and management process has also available in the implementation of quality assurance plan. The data quality aspect used to be define and used in this phase where the requirements will get direct handling of data analysis and many more. The aim of this task is to create an effective quality assurance plan and other test plan related components.

Quality Assurance Plan

Basically a quality assurance plan (QAP) is a document plan where the final quality aspect and information of the project used to be define. In a quality assurance plan (QAP) numerous of activities used to be identify and evaluate that can satisfy the need of the customer for a good services. There are four different components like plan, do, check and act.

Quality Objective

The quality objective document is created to identify the need of the customer so that we can provide a satisfactory completion of the project. The integration of quality objective in the process of software development process has an impact where all related resources used to be define and integrate (Becker SJ, 2019). If the given application project is based on investment management system and for this kind of process there are some basic quality objectivities are available such as:

  • For the implementation of investment management system the availability and integrity of user interface design need to be very attractive and effective.
  • There is a need of highly secure network connectivity and the availability or integrity of security patches need to be implement for the investment management system. The security in the data integration or in data based module is also needed because there will be thousands of data store in the database management system (DBMS) of this system application (Nichols E, 2019).
  • The term of data confidentiality has also an impact in this phase to identify and to keep the information very safe and private of their customers. The privacy concern is one of the biggest issue in this investment management system. The information of the customer and their banking transaction should be safe from the viruses and cybercrime activity.
  • The information of investment plan should define correctly and all possible major and minor terms & conditions of the particular investment plan should be there. This investment management system is basically a web-based application so that customer can easily login and register into this online platform to utilize different component services.
  • The plan of investment will be directly related or associated to the finance ministry department so that the legal authorization can be exist in this factor (Bermejo I, 2020).

Test Phases

Test phases has an impact in the software quality management and testing process. The test phases used to describe the testing process of a software solution. The availability of new related test phases is one of the most important approach where all related aspect used to be define and evaluate effectively. There are six different types of test phases are available which are having capability to manage all possible integration of testing a software application. The task of test phases is to monitor the module of the testing phase and to deliver the solutions of the bug error.

  • Unit Testing: The unit testing is used to test and design element so that we can ensure the low level quality process of the software application. The bug can easily identify by utilizing the services of unit testing and existing functionality can also be change effectively. The designing and be improve that allow better refactoring of code. There are three different techniques are also has been implemented such as black-box testing, while box testing and gray box testing (Dekker A, 2020).
  • System Testing: The component of system testing has one of the most important approach where the test plan of the software system application used to be evaluate. The task of system testing is to find out the system error like operating system integration, browser compatibility integration and many more system based approach. The management of hardware integration is one of the most important approach of system testing.
  • Performance Testing: The performance of the software application should be very effective so that the application can run easily without any error. The response time of the application should be very fast. The instant response of application states that the performance of the application is good and effective.
  • User Acceptance Testing: The user availability like admin integration, customer integration and many more also need to be test. The user acceptance testing will test that the customer is able to register and login into the system or not. All such possible testing process will be take place in this approach.

In the development and implementation of quality assurance the integration of technological based components also has an impact where the all related resources of the programming language and software IDE information will be define. The selection of technology should be appropriate to the type of software application which is very necessary to integrate. The uniqueness of the data availability and data integration is also available in this technological based component (Wee L, 2020). The basic motive of developing quality assurance plan (QAP) is to increase the profit of the business organization and to reduce the waste productivity of the employee. The employee satisfaction has also an impact in this approach so that the necessary theme can easily be implement for this completion of the quality management plan.

Test Plan

If the project is based on the investment management system which will help customer to keep account of their money invested in institutions like bank and share market. The basic motive of this software application is to develop this investment management system application to provide all investment related services to their customer. The feature of testing approach will be necessary for this type of system because the risk of cybercrime is available due to highly availability and integrity of data management system. This software system application will use data management, data integrity and data validity so that the confidential data of the customer will be safe from the cybercriminals (Banerjee D, 2020).

Test Methodology :-

Agile software testing methodology will be used for the investment management system. The availability and integrity of DevOps testing approach and continuous testing approach is available in the implementation of agile software development testing methodology. The agile is a kind of iterative development methodology where the complete project team used to get involved into the development process. There are lot of requirements are available of agile testing methodology like coding testing ability, programming language IDE supportability integration and many more. The integration of all such possible feature has an impact in this testing methodology for the software application development.

The agile testing methodology has multiple process of deployment testing phase, development testing phase, review testing phase, plan testing phase, design testing phase and launch testing phase also. The collaborative development method is available in this process of agile testing methodology. The investment management system has their own values of customer satisfaction, functional and non-functional requirements and many more (Aggarwal G, 2020).

Test Level :- Apart from unit testing, system testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing there are some testing level are also available that are associated to the testing phase. Some of other testing level components are such as:

  • Regression Testing
  • Buddy Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing

The availability of all such testing module is very important because during the software development lot of errors and drawbacks occurs which need to be solved and removed. The availability of all such possible solution need to be integrate here. The regression testing is used to check the previous testing approach and current testing approach. Buddy testing has the ability of pair testing for software testing aspect. The requirement of feature application is available in buddy testing approach.

Test Cases



Attribute & Values

Result Description



Software Installation

The IMS system will ask user for the accessibility of software installation with all related working files in the home directory.

The deployment of the software installation is highly required for this application. For that system will prompt user to provide authorization access.



User Login Activity

Login activity of the users by providing the user name and password

When the application will be successfully deployed and installed then the application will ask for the user login activity by giving login credentials.



Change Password Module

The user panel can change the password by specifying the previous password and new password.

The availability of user accessibility is highly required for changing the password.



Portfolio Creation

The user should be logged in into the software application.

The system will ask for the portfolio name to create new portfolio and all possible entries will be saved into the DBSM.



Rename Portfolio

The availability of user is necessary and portfolio should already be created

The system will asks for the portfolio to be renamed and the view name.



Delete Portfolio

The user login and registered portfolio creation should be there.

To delete the portfolio there is a separate function is available



Security Integration

The integration of security features will be integrated to provide secure data integrity functionality.

The security feature will be created that feature will ask for some particular security attribute component.



Rename Security

For renaming security feature the portfolio should be selected.

The system will ask user to add new security name and view name.



Add Transaction

The user should be logged in this application for adding transaction.

The user will add transaction and the shape of security layer will also be integrated directly in this phase.



Display Investment

If user is registered then this can be possible.

The user will select the option of viewing the investment and system computes will provide the information of actual net worth phase.


1: Test Cases Table

Project Scope Statement

  • The integrity of single user authentication is applied in this investment management system this includes the facility of bookkeeping information and other portfolio related components also.
  • The availability of portfolio creation, security integration and transaction is highly required for this process.
  • The net-worth and rate of investment (ROI) need to be compute of the investor. This feature will give an advantage of calculating the estimation of the software development process.
  • The error alert notification request will also be implemented.
  • The current pricing of investment plan can also be integrated and applied.
  • The user authentication is necessary to maintain.
  • The actual purchasing and selling of securities feature is integrated in this investment management system.
  • Tax and market related prediction feature is also available here (Wrobel J, 2019).

Test Approach:

There are two different test approaches are available like proactive and reactive. The proactive test approach used to start test designing process at a very early stage of the software development. There are some fix data approach are available where the availability of building approach is also to be described. The reactive test approach provides the testing usability for the design availability and coding approach.

Role and Responsibility:



Developer in Test

In the field of testing the developer used to have some other approach of usability testing phase.

Test administrator

The maintenance and supportability aspect is one of the most important approach for the completion of the test administrator to have some another approach for the software application.

Database Developer

The activity of the database development used to be handled by database developer. The cloud based data integration and data availability technique has been used for the completion of this investment management system (Nader N, 2019).

Test Manager

The role of test manager is very important to identify the management issues and all such bug used to be identified and resolved by test manager.

3: Role and Responsibility

Testing Type:

The security testing and performance testing has been integrated for this inventory management system. The security testing used to provide all such security aspect and component that will be able to secure confidential data of the user and customer. The investment plan information is very confidential and for that the need of all related property of security patch used to be implemented or integrated. The services of performance testing also utilized in this software application. The performance of the application should be very high and there need of the new and current technological based component required.

The availability of testing tool has also been integrated in this software development approach. There are lot of testing tools are available but for this investment management system HPE unified functional testing has been used.

Description of Task


All outstanding task completed


The completion of quality assurance plan (QAP).


The integration of testing approach for the investment management system need to be successfully implemented in this application


The testing phase used to define for the completion of this research topic


The test plan is also need to be define so that if there is any error occurs that can easily be resolved.


The approach of test case also need to be define and the requirement of almost 9 test case is necessary.


The project scope statement has an impact in the software quality management that integrate with all possible feature of the required process.


The test strategy document is also need to be integrate and develop that can be have multiple feature of component.


4: Project Completion Checklist

The given table is about the project completeness checklist where all possible completed task has been checked and completed

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