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Evaluative Writing Assignment


The present report is based on public service announcement (PSA) which describes the challenges faced due to gender stereotypes. The selected video for this report is “My heroes” which is a two minute PSA based on Halloween produced to challenge the gender stereotypes while parents considering the Halloween costumes for their children. The video describes the tension and worry of certain parents about their child being judged on the basis of the chosen Halloween costumes, particular when the costume does not go along with their child’s gender. On the other hand, there are also some parents who does not bound their children’s willingness to dress up according to their favourite character and do not bother the judgement made by the society (Bian, Leslie, Cimpian, 2017). The thesis statement for this report is “Gender stereotype should be prohibited by encouraging both men and women to pursue their personal choices in every field.”



The PSA starts with a happy family comprising of a mother, father and their two kids (daughter and son). The family is exited for the Halloween, which is the best time to be dress up as anything as they wish. The kids also wish to dress up as their favourite characters for this Halloween. The kids are super exited as they bought the costumes along with their mother from shops. Then they carved two pumpkins along with their father as the preparation and decoration for the Halloween. The mother was holding the two superhero costumes for her daughter and son, one is Batman and the other is of Wonder Woman. The kids grab the costumes from their mother and went upstairs to wear their costumes. It is clearly reflected that the father has a worried look on his face, and the mother reassure him by saying that the kid’s costumes will look awesome. Later when the children went to the neighbour’s house for trick or treat, their parents are watching them from a distance. The old lady in the neighbour admires the looks of the two young superheroes and handed them candies. She also thanked the kids for keeping the streets clean (Landwirth Legacy Productions, 2017). The parents seems to feel relieved after seeing this, and the kids went further to other neighbour’s house. Once the children get tired and sleepy, the parents made them to sleep in bed. It was the realised that the daughter is wearing Batman costume and son is wearing costume of Wonder Woman.     

Purpose and message

The primary concept of this PSA is to draw the attention of gender stereotype which still exists in some parts of the world. This 2 minute digital PSA has been written by two authors namely, Brian Carufe and Alexander Day. The PSA has been directed by Almog Avidan Antonir. On the occasion of Halloween children put costumes of their favourite character, may it be a mythical or monster or hero or animal character. There are some people who prefer to dress up with an inanimate object to make a happy memory for other. However, in the present scenario it is shown that someone has dressed up as a demon and someone as a hotdog, a little girl is dress up in her favourite fictional male character and a little boy has been dressed up in his favourite female super hero character. The PSA tries to make understand that this small issue should not be a big deal for others (Ellemers, 2018). Everyone should be given the right of dressing up or doing whatever he/she wants to be. The children neither their parents should not worry about their decision is fitting in their respective stereotypical gender roles. Superhero costumes are a considered a big business during the Halloween period. In most of the costume store, it already prewritten that ‘superheroes’ for the boys and ‘princesses’ for the girls. However, this public service announcement has challenged the gender stereotype view of society as well as the traditional gender costume. .    


The PSA titled “My Heroes” was produced to draw the attention of all generation, including the kids, parents, grandparents, and the remaining society. It aims to recreate the educational and entertaining digital content to inspire, empower, and enrich audience. In the beginning the father was shown to be worried for his kids breaking down in front of gender barriers prevailing in the society. He was having fear that his kids might face embarrassment in the public space for their costume choices. However, in the end the father seems to be very relaxed and says looking at the kids as “My heroes”. The PSA is from Landwirth Legacy Production who believes that compassion is the foundation of their each project.  


The PSA aims is to challenge the gender stereotype which is still existing in some parts of the society. In the present time, according to the international human rights law framework each and every individual has the right to enjoy the fundamental freedom and the basic human rights. The US government has set rules for eliminating these stereotypes which discriminate men and women in different fields (Coyne, Linder, Rasmussen, 2016). In conclusion, the chosen PSA clearly describes the right of both the genders to pursue their preferred choices, irrespective of the gender preferences (made by society) and the parents should be supportive towards their children.  

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