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The Booking.com Company is a travel fare company. It has a website which has a global wide coverage from 28,889,846 listings to covering the 137,971 destinations. So far is widely used in the 229 countries. The company has ensured it exists in each mainstream and ensures a customized user global experience. It has step up and be available in the 43 languages. The company also uses a unique tagline or slogan which states that the “Homes, houses and everything in between" Cassidy, 2016). It is a commercial which mentions that the "Booking.com: Booking.yeah".

Through this paper, we would be discussing the Booking. com company, its marketing environment along with the strong background and detailed SWOT analysis.


History of Product/Service

The company originally was formed as a bookings.nl that was founded in 1996 by Geert-Jan Bruinsma (Bohari, 2016). The company got merged in 2000 and also formed a unique company of the Bookings Online. This company was founded by Alec Behrens and various others founders who brainstormed the idea in making it operate it under the Bookings.org. Eventually, the company name or even the URL got changed to Booking.com. The company CEO was named as Stef Noorden was and wanted to conduct marketing under the ad in De Telegraaf who rejected it. Also, the company suffered a major blow by the Expedia which had refused in 2002 to even consider buying the company bookings.nl.


Gradually the company started gained an edge in July 2005, after getting acquired by the Booking Holdings (also called as Priceline Group) with an estimated money of USD133 million. It also got cooperated with ActiveHotels.com, which is also called as a European online hotel reservation (Morrison, 2016). It was purchased with the help of the Booking Holdings/Priceline through the churning of the USD161 million.

Experience of Customers

The company has ensured that it provides a user-friendly experience. It provides a unique marketing’s strategy which captures the customer's mindset with the aggressive placing their brand in the minds of the customers. It also spends heavily on marketing and the various advertisement campaigns (Cassidy, 2016). It ensures that it is able to churn out the gross revenue by providing a user-friendly experience.

Value of Products/Services

The company website uses the meta engine which covers global hotels, booking destination and the various facilities. It compares and generates quick random results which the user can easily use it for its own experience and can book it. It can even serve the purpose of facilitating the customer, by providing them with discounted, low priced and heavily promoted brands under a given price range.

Main Body

The main role of marketing

The company has heavily promoted its brand and even aggressively established itself. it has seen its series of ups and downs but only emerged out to be a leading brand in the travel industry (Pratiwi, 2014). So far it has globally captured so many destinations, customers and has established itself as a competitive brand providing and offering a user-friendly experience.

SWOT analysis


Good Returns with respect to the Capital Expenditure – The Company has been so far successful with respect to the execution of new projects along with the key generation which is able to churn out a good return with respect to the capital expenditure through the concept of building new revenue streams.

It has been so far successful in Go To Market strategies with respect to its products.

The company has a highly skilled workforce which is able to capture successful training along with learning programs.


The company needs to expand its wings and invest in the field of the Research and Development. It should consider innovation (Syazwan, 2014). 

It needs to balance its financial planning which should be accessed constantly.


It has a Lower inflation rate – It is considered to be one of the relatively stable companies with respect to the market.

The company can edge in the field of the similar or relative products field. 


It needs to access the demand with respect to the highly profitable products. It should work out in the low or the peak seasons.

Deal with the shortage of skilled workforce with respect to the global market represents.

It faces an intense competition


The company Booking.com has a strong background in the travel industry. It is a company about the travel fare aggregator website along with the travel metasearch engine which works for the purpose of the lodging reservations (Taghavifard, 2018). It is a company which is owned and even operates with respect to the primary revenue source that governs the United States-based Booking Holdings. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam.

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