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Mobile Computing course offers basic and advanced concepts of mobile computing. In this course, learners will study an overview of Mobile Computing, its continuous evolution, and the future trends of mobile computing technology. These mobile Computing courses are designed for beginners and professionals. What is Mobile Computing? It refers a technology that allows transmission of data, transmission of voice and video via a computer or any other wireless enabled device. This is free from having a connection with a fixed physical link. Mobile Computing allows the users to move from one physical location to another during communication. This course is popular among international students in USA, CANADA, UK and other abroad countries and many students join the course for future career development in this technology.


  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Edward, 8/7/2022

    there is one more task Task – UIKit (50 Points) Create an iOS app using Xcode project (iOS -> App) named as FIRSTNAME_BillKit with UIKit/Storyboard interface that will allow user to generate the bill amount of hydro consumption as follows. You must be using UIKit for this part of the assignment. This would be the same app that you created for assignment 3. Refer to the assignment 3 document to get more details of the application. Please note that as you would not be using State property wrapper in UIKit app, you will need to use a button instead. On a click of a button, you would be gathering all the inputs, performing calculation and displaying on same screen in UILabels for the user. You are free to do the modifications in the design as per your choice aslong asit is performing the required task of receiving necessary inputs, performing correct calculations and displaying output for the user.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Edward, 8/7/2022

    Task – Design (50 Points) Modify the app you created for assignment 3 (FirstName_BillCalc) to perform the following tasks: • Add the support for French (Canada) language in your app. Your app UI must look consistent on both the variations of languages [feel free to improve/modify the layout if needed]. All the strings literals must be shown in the French or English depending on the language setting on device. • You must support dark mode in your app. Both the light and dark mode must adapt to different color schemes. Make appropriate selection of the colors so that the text is legible for both the modes.

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Edward, 8/7/2022

    Hey, i am looking for course help in INFO10229 – Mobile Computing, i want tutor to know how to make a app work. i have homework task Task: Create an iOS app using Xcode project (iOS -> App) named as FIRSTNAME_BillCalc with SwiftUI interface that will allow user to generate the bill amount of hydro consumption as follows. Refer to the screenshot for expected look and feel, can you help in this? i want to learn Appropriate input fields, keyboards, data types Appropriate output format, data type and display, Usage of appropriate Swift concepts such as computed properties, arrays, TextField, etc., Correct Calculations, Overall app look, feel and functionality, would you able to assist me in this?

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