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Why Freelancing Is Witnessing Epic Growth In The 21 Century.

Freelancing is no longer just a part time job. It is the main means of living for an ever increasing number of people across the globe. If you suggested freelancing as a full time job to someone two decades ago, they'd wave it off without hesitating. These are new times, tough times that require maximum use of our brains. There is no better way to conquer them than through freelancing. A couple reasons have made freelancing very attractive to many people, more so the youth.

Rapid growth in freelancing jobs


Gone are the days when a loaf of bread used to cost twenty shillings. With just five hundred shillings one could buy foodstuffs to last a whole month. Not anymore! Even with 'high' salaries, people are still struggling with debts to try and supplement the meagre earnings. The cost of school fees is unbelievably high, even when it's supposed to be 'free'. How else is the common citizen going to make all these ends meet?Many of them have taken a bold step and turned to freelancing. It is the easiest way to earn an extra coin outside their normal hustle. Some have actually turned it into a fulltime job and they have not been disappointed. 


Human population has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few decades. This has eaten up so many resources such that finding a mere manual job in the farm is a nightmare. Coming to the city, there is almost zero probability of finding a job if you don't know someone that knows someone. To survive, you need to think out of the box. Those that have done that have found refuge in freelancing. It is actually self-employment. The only capital required is your brain.


You don't need an office to start freelancing. The space where your laptop sits instantly becomes your office. That little space could be at home, hotel or even under a tree. You can also do your freelance work at your most convenient hour as long as you're within the deadline. This is one of the few professions where you bite what you can chew. You're at liberty to pick projects you can handle without limit.


Most businesses have shifted from the physical office to an online one so as to reach as many clients as possible, a world trend. Majority of the people that work in these virtual offices are freelancers. Having an extended market means the businesses will hire more people to do its work hence more freelancers.

These are just a few points among many to show that freelancing is the next big thing globally. Though still in infancy, I highly recommend that people should start sharpening their tools by way of practice to have a slot when it's finally adult. Those that start freelancing early are always a step ahead. It is more about experience rather than knowing. The best writers we have today were once fumbling with words. Start now!

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